What is ReInHerit

he ReInHerit project is proposing an innovative model of sustainable heritage management, through which a dynamic network will be born; this network comprised of cultural heritage professionals, innovation and cultural heritage solution tech experts, researchers, national museums, regional and local museums, and representative managers of Heritage Label sites.

The Digital Hub fosters this network, hosting a series of resources (training resources and applications on conservation, digital engagement and youth participation, tourism) and aiming to become an ecosystem in which all stakeholders will be able to experiment with the resources and share their experiences. Also part of the ecosystem ReInHerit Hub are the three connected Digital Exhibitions with a collaborative Digital Collection.

The Digital Exhibitions comprise three theme-based digital and interactive exhibition sections as well as a growing Digital Collection: Thematic Areas are “Gender, Diversity and Discrimination”, “Conflicts, Conflict Handling and Conflict Resolution” and “Craftsmanship, Production and Environmental Issues”; Each of these theme-based exhibitions is developed by one of the partner museums (Graz Museum, Museum of Cycladic Art, Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation) and made accessible to the users on the ReInHerit Digital Hub. The Digital Exhibitions of the ReInHerit project aim to expand the concepts of three Travelling Exhibitions (as part of the project as well) into the digital world.

For the growing Collection, all museums and heritage sites are encouraged to contribute objects and artefacts to the three thematic areas. In the context of increasing digital challenges for museums, the collection can facilitate and enhance future work and collaborations with other museums. This digitally worldwide accessible collection facilitates the finding and display of objects and opens up new possibilities for representation and a variety of possible perspectives.
An expansion of the collection could support future museum management in creating exhibitions with a rich variety of suitable objects and in connecting analogue with digital objects. By bringing together objects from all over Europe and establishing unexpected connections, an extraordinary experience can be created.

The project website describes in details the Work Packages and publishes the reports. Visit it at reinherit.eu