Cucumara (anthropomorphic vessel)

This is a ceramic anthropomorphic vessel with a tall oval shape and a cup-like opening. This specific type of receptacle is transformed into a female figure. The face is surrounded by crudely made hair defined by wide stripes and pressed dots. Two peculiar reptiles are affixed to the hair, facing each other, and repeated on the shoulders, that is to say, the vessel’s handles, at chest level, and there is one on the abdomen. A spherical piece of clay is affixed to the neck and probably represents the breast. Two rows of garlands decorate the lower part of the body and end up high up on the handles. This earthenware vessel was used mainly as a table water container. The name cucumara comes from the Latin word cucuma, meaning large cooking vessel or kettle.

Time Period: 1900 CE – today
Size: H: 44cm, W: 10,5 cm
Artist: Unknown
Material: Clay
Institution: The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia