This engraving, with the title „Ein Frauenzimmer aus der Insul Cypern“ (A lady from the island of Cyprus), comes along the publication „Der wahrest- und neuesten Abbildung des Türkischen Hofes Fortsetzung“ of 1721 by Charles de Ferriol. It is certain, however, that the artist, Christoph Weigel the Elder, painted this lady of Cyprus in her native Nicosia. She is portrayed with a buttoned cloak and a strange hat decorated with a feather.

The lady, with her pretty face and expressive eyes, also appeared in the publication Voyage au Levant by Cornelis de Bruyn in 1732.

The president of the ‘B. Papantoniou’ Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation, Mrs Ioanna Papantoniou, a friend of the Museum, made a copy of this dress, which can be seen today in the Ottoman Period Gallery of the Museum.

Time Period: 1500 – 1800 CE
Size: H: 15,5 cm, W: 10 cm
Artist: Christoph Weigel the Elder
Material: Paper
Institution: The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia