Jewish Women and WWII

The history of Jewish Resistance apart from being a strong message of collective dignity and courage in the face of destruction, conveys a universal and humanitarian message against the rhetoric of hate, racism and antisemitism. Many Jews from Volos and other Greek Jewish communities joined EPON or fought with ELAS regiments. Among those were Jewish women who gave their own fight by helping the wounded. Some fought in the War by joining the Resistance or served as nurses of the Greek Red Cross like Elli Sakki, depicted to the left of the photograph among war wounded soldiers and medical staff of the Chatzigeorgiou Military Clinic in Volos. Later on she served as a nurse in the 54th ELAS Regiment in Pelion. Elli Sakki-Decastro died in 2016.

Time Period: 1900 CE – today
Size: H.: 5,6 cm W.: 7,9 cm
Artist: Unknown
Material: Paper
Institution: The Jewish Museum of Greece