Marble Cycladic female figurine

The marble figurines are the masterpieces of Cycladic Art and some of the most preliminary representations of human form. The almost planar, marble forms characterized by simplicity and harmonious proportions, impressed and inspired artists such as Brancusi and Modigliani and others at the beginning of the 20th century. This figurine could represent a woman in a state of pregnancy, or a deity connected with the fertility of nature.

We cannot interpret the different roles of men and women with certainty, as no written texts or depictions of that time have survived. While female figurines are depicted with folded arms, in a passive position, male figurines depict men in movement or with characteristics which denote a role. The figurines of hunters, warriors, musicians are representative examples of this. The special place of woman is also confirmed by the fact that 90% of the figurines are female.

Time Period: before 1000 BCE
Size: H. 39.1 cm
Artist: Unknown
Material: Marble
Institution: Museum of Cycladic Art