Photograph of the Trousseau

The trousseau consisting of the bride’s clothing, bedlinen, tablecloths, towels and all the necessaries for a new home, as well as embroidered and valuable items for the family and the rite of passage ceremonies, would usually be gathered or prepared by the women of the bride’s family and close friends as depicted in the photograph of Sol Mizan Sakki from Volos. It was put on display a few days before the marriage in order to be oficcially evaluated and for friends and family members to admire. After the display of the dowry, articles of the trousseau and a cake decorated for the occassion with pieces of gold foil and presented on large copper trays, will be carried to the groom’s home. In 1983 the institution of dowry (or trousseau) was officially abolished from Greek family law.

Time Period: 1900 CE – today
Size: H.: 5,6 cm W.: 7,9 cm
Artist: Unknown
Material: Paper
Institution: The Jewish Museum of Greece