Printed Scarf

This is a square beige scarf decorated along the edges with colourful floral printed designs. It is trimmed with red lace known as pipila.

The scarf was one of the items of clothing that indicated the social position of the woman wearing it. It was made of delicate cotton fabric known as kouroukla and was wrapped skilfully round the head. Its decoration was made with the art of screen printing, namely the printing of patterns onto fabric by means of stamps; this craft developed particularly in India and spread to Istanbul and the Bosporus, Asia Minor and Greece. In Cyprus it was disseminated from around 1895 by Armenian craftsmen who came to the island from Istanbul, Egypt, Beirut and Asia Minor, bringing new patterns and stamps.

Time Period: 1900 CE – today
Size: H: 70 cm, W: 70cm
Artist: Unknown
Material: Cotton
Institution: The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia